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Sten Karlstrom

Andy Houston

Dick McDonald

Founder Sten Karlstrom began building homes in 1988, and he keeps up to date on all aspects of residential craft. He is a hands-on supervisor who oversees all KA projects, and he will clearly answer all your questions in regard to design, budget and timelines. When a specialty is required, Sten turns to a time-proven network of subcontractors.

Project Manager Andy Houston builds housing structures to the highest values of “accuracy, beauty and longevity.” A master carpenter, Andy prides the KA team on their meticulousness and innovation using locally sourced materials and sustainable methods. He most enjoys “partnering with clients to facilitate a home’s transformation.”

Project Manager Dick McDonald brings nearly 40 years’ experience to the Karlstrom team. He is proud of KA’s ability “to turn a conceptual design into a finished product that fully meets the intent of the design. Smart, sustainable building is always a good thing,” he says. “It lasts longer, requires less maintenance,” and promotes healthier living.

Photography courtesy of Dale Lang, NW Architectural Photography


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